Administration Section

Section Chief
Fang-ying Lo

Ext: 1055


1.Supervise arrangements and meeting minutes of University Assemblies, University Development Committee Meetings, Administrative Council Meetings and Executive Meetings
2.Supervise revisions of school rules and regulations
3.Supervise announcement of academic calendar
4.Arrange the President’s overseas itineraries and international conferences
5.Edit English school brochure

Shelly Chiu

Ext: 1123


1. Tasks assigned by the Secretary General 
2. Art work collection inventory management
3. A502 meeting room facility maintenance  
4. Action items tracking on “Meeting with the President” 
5. Strategic alliance schools related administrative support
6. Art museum related administrative support
7. Campus-wide activities support

Administrative Assistant
Hsiao-Yun Chang

Ext: 1007


1.Arrange the Board of Trustees Meetings, prepare meeting materials and follow up tasks afterwards
2.Act as a first point of contact of the President’s schedule: dealing with correspondence and phone calls. 
3.Provide administrative support to the President 
4.Responsible for the President’s important documents and email correspondence of the office of President  
5.Arrange Administrative Council Meetings and record meeting minutes
6.Responsible for revisions and announcement of school rules and regulations

Administrative Assistant
Meng-Yi Lin

Ext: 1011


1.Act as a first point of contact of the Secretary-General’s schedule: dealing with correspondence and phone calls.
2.Arrange Executive Meetings and record meeting minutes
3.Assis with international conferences
4.Co-organize school anniversary celebration
5.Update school academic calendar
6.Responsible for correspondence of general official documents 
7.Update and edit the school brochure
8.Responsible for issue and destruction of diplomas
9.Update chronicle of events
10.Responsible for email correspondence of the office emails
11.A502 meeting room maintenance 
12.English switchboard operator

Administrative Assistant
Yu-Ching Huang

Ext: 1029


1.Arrange University Assemblies and University Development Committee Meetings
2.Tasks assigned by the Board of Trustees, the President, the Vice Presidents and the Secretary-General
3.Co-organize the university commencement 
4.Edit the school desk calendar, greeting cards and event invitation cards
5.Responsible for school keepsakes application and inventory
6.Maintain monthly electronic newsletter
7.Ensure the contents are up to date on the web pages of the Office of Secretariat
8.Update contact list of university presidents, high school presidents and heads of government institutions.
9.Assist accounting related matters of Asia University Museum of Modern Art Foundation 


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