Documentation Section

Section Chief
Wen-Ling Chan

Ext: 1077


1.Management and arrangement of Ministry of Education the official document system.
2.Planning, modifying and formulating the paperwork's standard processes.
3.Supervision, in overall charge of the business.
4.Approval of application form.
5.Checking and sealing issued documents.
6.Annually reviewing, upgrading regulations.
7.Planning, modifying and developing operating standards processes.
8.Training arrangement.
9.Sort, compile, number, official documents retention period.
10.Documentation Section's property keeping.

Administrative Assistant
Sylvia Fang

Ext: 1076


1.Numbered of electronic documents register and deliver.
2.Numbered of paper documents register and deliver.
3.Sorting, compiling, numbering, stapling official documents.
4.Expediting the process of weekly documents
5.Extending the expiry date of document.
6.Acceptance of the application form and to find the original document.
7.User service for the electronic official document system (revised the process, troubleshooting).
8.Uniting personnel changes in electronic document system, and helping launch using system's permission.
9.Training arrangement.
10.Main contact person.
11.Signing nuclear and dealing with the external documents.
12.Director matters assigned.
13.Maintaining electronic document system.

Administrative Assistant
Wan Yu Kao

Ext: 1075


1.Numbering issued documents, logging and sealing.
2.Second proofread of documents.
3.Archiving documents and organizing.
4.Mailing letters.
5.Documents exchange cabinet organized and maintenance Management
6.Training arrangement.
7.Documentation Section's property keeping.
8.Director matters assigned.


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